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Three Unrelated Ridiculous Things: Part II

These things pop into my brain and I just have to share them. Here are three more unrelated ridiculous things I have been exposed to as of late.


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1. Donald Trump’s latest quote on leadership: “If I say do it, they’ll do it. That’s what leadership is.” As much as I try to avoid getting political on this blog, this was too ridiculous not to make the list. I have studied leadership styles quite a bit (I have a master’s in organizational leadership) and nowhere did anyone other than Hitler and Jim Jones make “leading” people sound this easy.


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2. People’s obsession with granite countertops on HGTV. I love watching HGTV shows, but sometimes the people on them just drive me bananas. It could be a rat-infested dump and as long as it has granite countertops, people are more than willing to overlook the problems.


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3. The Foo Fighters’ special announcement video. Unlike the first two items on this list, this one is ridiculous in a good way. I watched this super early Thursday morning before work and it put me in a good mood for the entire day. Watch as the Foo Fighters hilariously dispel rumors that they are breaking up. Caution: Profanity.