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For the Mom Buying Her Own Stocking Stuffers

Like a lot of moms out there, I buy a few goodies to stuff my own stocking every Christmas. I don’t want my four-year-old asking why Santa filled everyone’s stocking but Mommy’s, and, quite frankly, I just really love stocking stuffers. They’re small, fun, and don’t require cleaning out an entire closet to find space to store them. So, pretty much, they’re the best kind of gift! Here are my favorites for my own stocking this year.


1. These enamel pins by Rifle Paper Co. are perfect for a stocking. I’m actually also giving them as gifts to my daughters’ preschool teachers this year. (Anthropologie) 2. This cute little box holds a small tube of my favorite moisturizer and a purse-size lip gloss. (Clinique) 3. This drinking glass features a schnauzer that looks so much like my own Norman. I would use this on my dresser as a jewelry catch-all. It comes in other dog breeds as well. (Anthropologie) 4. Wear Your Music offers jewelry made from guitar strings of all kinds of musicians ranging from James Taylor to Jason Mraz. I would of course choose a bracelet made from James Hetfield’s guitar strings. (Wear Your Music) 5. This is one of my favorite hand creams to get through the dry winter months. Vanilla marshmallow is one of the best fragrances. (The Body Shop) 6. I love the bow detail on these gloves and gray is always a favorite for me. They also come in black and pink. (Kate Spade)

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A Few Favorites

I don’t do much shopping, but I like to share some of my favorite things. There’s no theme this time, but here are six of my favorite recent purchases. This is a little more fun than posting my grocery list.


1. This might be the last year I get to select my youngest daughter’s Halloween costume without her feedback. So an adorable, fluffy snow owl it is! (Target) 2. Just try to challenge me to a game of Golden Girls Trivial Pursuit. Always Fits is my new favorite web site for fun, quirky gifts. (Always Fits) 3. This black bomber jacket has been my favorite item to transition into the chillier months. (Gap) 4. I started purchasing some products from The Honest Company because my youngest daughter has extremely sensitive skin. I selected this mascara on a whim as an add-on product with my last shipment. The primer adds length and the mascara has a great consistency. It stays put all day, but comes off easily with a cosmetic wipe. (The Honest Company) 5. I actually haven’t purchased this super cute rug yet, but I have been eyeing it. I love October! (Pier 1) 6. After years of aggressively ripping a brush through my super thick wet hair I heard about Wet Brush and decided to give it a try. I love this brush! (Wet Brush)

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For All of Your Unicorn Shopping Needs

We are gearing up for an extra special, unicorn-themed fourth birthday next month and unicorns are pretty much the topic of conversation at our house these days. I apologize in advance to those of you who are tired of the unicorn craze because I’ll admit I’m loving it just about as much as my daughters do. Here are a few favorites.


1. This cupcake set is perfect for a birthday or just to jazz up a rainy Sunday afternoon. (Williams-Sonoma) 2. My girl will be sporting this unicorn balloon animal tank to her fourth birthday party. (Cat & Jack for Target) 3. Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s sequel to Uni the Unicorn is full of colorful illustrations and tells an uplifting tale. (Available on, but try your local independent bookstore first. We love Mitzi’s Books in Rapid City, South Dakota.) 4. This unicorn pattern makes these great insulated lunch bags extra special. I love that the inside can be easily washed with soap and water or a Clorox wipe. (Pottery Barn) 5. Unicorn boots to add pizzaz to the rainy days we have been having lately. (H&M) 6. I haven’t ordered this unicorn tank (yes, for grown women) yet, but I’m seriously considering. (ModCloth)


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10 Recent Pregnancy Thoughts: 36 Weeks

This is one last pregnancy update before the little gal arrives. Hopefully in a few short weeks I’ll be posting some pictures here of a healthy, happy girl and her proud big sis.


10. The hip pain has subsided a bit thanks to a prenatal massage and fabulous pedicure last weekend. Now to power through three more weeks!

9: I am relieved we got good news at our follow-up ultrasound this past week. And the girl has the chubbiest of cheeks. Thank you, ice cream from Silver Lining Creamery, of which I cannot get enough.

8. Is it too early to box up and donate these maternity clothes? I’m so. tired. of. them.

7. Often when getting up from the couch or out of bed I feel like a turtle that got flipped onto its back and can’t move.

6. I continue to want cereal constantly.

5. When something falls on the floor I have a lengthy internal debate over if it is worth retrieving.

4. People keep saying “it’ll start going really fast now.” I’m still waiting for it to “start going really fast.”

3. Nesting update: I will overzealously organize any stack of papers, magazines, etc. I encounter. If I come over to your house and go through your mail or clean out a closet, don’t be offended.

2. I’m way past the joking stage of pregnancy (is there one?) so don’t expect any April Fool’s Day labor jokes out of me. If I call and say I’m in labor, I’m in labor.

1: As annoying as it is to have everyone looking at my gigantic belly all the time, at least I’m not like April the Giraffe being monitored by a 24/7 live video feed where people can watch to see if I’m in labor yet. So there’s that.

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10 Recent Pregnancy Thoughts: 34 Weeks

Not too much longer now. I’m running out of steam and I am ready to meet this little gal. I continue to obsess over my excitement at seeing my older daughter meet her sister. Here are a few other thoughts running through my brain.


10. I usually fall fast asleep by 9 p.m. but then awake in the middle of the night for an hour or so. How do I fill this hour? By reading headlines on The Onion and trying to keep from waking my family with my giggling.

9: I think I probably looked really awesome when I was dusting my living room and jamming out to Tool at eight months preggo.

8. My hip pain has now turned into full leg pain.

7. I need more ice cream.

6. I am looking forward to enjoying a nice, cool glass of pinot grigio and I’m not afraid to admit it.

5. You don’t have to comment on my belly. I know it’s there. You know it’s there. Let’s talk about the weather.

4. I watch the gummies in my last bottle of prenatal vitamins dwindle like sand in an hour-glass and it gives me hope.

3. Lemon lime Gatorade is my new favorite thing. I like to pour it in a Riedel glass to really let it breathe.

2. This time around I’m not going to be shy about limiting visitors to the house right after the baby is born. So please don’t take offense with my honesty, said visitors. And if you visit, please bring food or pinot grigio (see #6).

1: It makes me giggle when people ask if I have the nursery ready. It has been ready since Thanksgiving. That’s just who I am.

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10 Recent Pregnancy Thoughts: 31 Weeks

I’m 31 weeks along now and so here is a super fun and informative update for you!


10. I have moments of forgetting my tummy is large: Like when I turned around in the break room at work and knocked a bottle of water off a table in front of several people.

9: This is our last baby. Seriously. So, dear members of the public, stop saying “ohhhh, you never know.”

8. I could eat cereal for every meal. I can also eat everything else for every meal, but the cereal craving is taking center stage right now.

7. How am I going to carry everything? It seems I always have multiple bags in-hand and I’m slightly concerned adding another little person’s gear to my baggage will be a little crazy-cray.

6. I cannot wait for the moment my daughters meet one another. I am absolutely certain it will be one of the best moments of my life.

5. My right hip feels like a storm is moving in. Ouch.

4. Some much-needed time with my bestie last weekend fueled my soul. I’m feeling strong and geared up to face these last eight weeks head-on.

3. An airport delay can be really relaxing when Delta orders free pizza and you have some good books on the Kindle. Is that the pregnancy zen stuff finally taking hold?

2. Does this heartburn really mean the baby is going to have a lot of hair?

1: Time finally seems to be speeding up a bit!

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10 Recent Pregnancy Thoughts: 26 Weeks

I’m 26 weeks along now. Some people say they feel like this pregnancy is going quickly. Those are the people who are not carrying the baby. However, I’m sure April will be here before I know it!


10: I have been experiencing a heightened desire to correct people’s grammar. So far I have been able to restrain myself because I don’t want to be that person, but if I see one more misplaced apostrophe on Facebook or hear someone say “ain’t” again in the next three months, I might come unglued.

9: However, if grammatically sound, people’s comments regarding my pregnancy aren’t bothering me as much as they did with my first pregnancy. The other day a woman with whom I am acquainted said “wow, that baby bump is really getting big.” I just let it roll off. Maybe it is just that I am more confident in my ability to deliver, raise a baby, and return my body to a state of relative fitness despite the extra pounds and Cesarean scar.

8: How does an OCD gal know if she’s actually nesting? I believe I’m in a permanent state of nesting, so I don’t know how much of my desire to organize my sock drawer or dust the entertainment stand a dozen times a day is pregnancy-related or just my usual personality.

7: I haven’t told my husband this yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll emerge from the Stevie Nicks/Pretenders concert in February with a new list of baby girl names to include: Stevie, Chrissie, Nicky, Gypsy, Rhiannon, and Gold Dust Woman.

6: Take down your Christmas decorations or I’m going to puke. I had intense morning (all day) sickness with my first pregnancy that reached its pinnacle around Christmas and with this pregnancy, also experienced a great deal of nausea around the holidays. Every time I drive by a lingering plastic snowman or holiday wreath I feel as if I could be sick.

5: My ribs hurt. That’s where the pain seems to be concentrated this time around. I remember my hips and legs hurting with the first pregnancy, but this time it’s all ribs and my upcoming massage cannot come soon enough!

4: I’m not cool anymore. Maybe I never was, but being pregnant is a blatant daily reminder of this fact. It makes me think of what my Connecticut friend Tracee said she thinks when she drops her toddler off at her mother’s for a few hours. She said: “I just feel free and cool again. I don’t even smoke, but I just want to go buy a pack of cigarettes and roll the window down and crank up the music.”

3: Will I be able to love this baby as much as I love my first daughter? I realize the answer is most likely yes, but it is hard to imagine being able to love someone else as much as I love her.

2: I hope my older daughter is still excited when the baby actually arrives. Lately, her elation at her soon-to-be big sister status has compelled her to approach strangers in stores to let them know she has a baby sister in Mommy’s tummy. It’s her favorite topic of conversation.

1: Fewer than 100 days! My doctor won’t let me surpass my due date because of complications with my first pregnancy so we officially are within the 100-day mark! That is worth celebrating.