Omaha Children’s Museum and Henry Doorly Zoo

Last weekend when my husband drove eight hours to Omaha for a work conference, my daughters and I decided to join him. It seemed the perfect opportunity to have a little family vacation, if you can call road-tripping with a near-three-year-old and a six-week old a vacation.


The girls did great, and since my husband was only in the conference during the morning, we had plenty of family time. The two main highlights were the Omaha Children’s Museum and the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.


We actually ended up going to the museum, which was downtown and very close to our hotel, both mornings while my husband was in meetings.


It offered a lot of fun activities like a water table, a grocery store and dress-up area, and an entire room full of pneumatic tubes sucking in a spitting out plastic balls.


There was a room for treating injured dolls.


The carousel was my two-year-old’s favorite, and, I will confess, mine, too.


The zoo was hot and crowded, but also full of amazing exhibits. The elephants, zebras, penguins, and giraffes were favorites among our little family.


My younger daughter spent most of her vacation sacked out in her car seat or stroller, but, hey, whatever you do to relax.


My older daughter used any and every excuse to ride Daddy’s shoulders like here…


and here.


I love family vacations. It’s so rejuvenating and special to make memories with my children and husband, and get away from the distractions of home, even if it’s just a simple road trip this year. Cheers to summer!