Potty Training Adventures: Part II

It has been a while since I posted this about our first step toward potty training our daughter. We purchased the potty chair and she has used it a few times, but we really haven’t pushed the issue.

“You have to wait until they’re ready,” is what I keep hearing and so, since she is only 19 months old, I held back.

Then, a few nights ago, while she was playing, she abruptly dropped everything and hurried to the bathroom. We took this as our cue that she’s ready to get rolling.


I anticipated my daughter would be somewhat frightened of the real toilet so I thought the potty chair would help ease her into the idea of using the toilet. Instead, she is obsessed with the real toilet. She loves everything about it: Sitting on it, flushing it, throwing copious amounts of toilet paper in it, throwing Mommy’s water bottle in it.

But luckily she is potty training her baby at the same time so the princess potty chair won’t go to waste. My daughter even brought the potty chair to the living room (clean, thank goodness) for the baby to use. This also allows the baby to catch up on episodes of How to Get Away with Murder while she goes.


It helps that my daughter’s daycare center is great about starting potty training early on. We are trying to be consistent with that at home, but I have yet to place any real expectations or goals (totally unlike me).

I feel that at her age, it is appropriate to give consistent opportunities to potty like a big girl without any pressure or stress and with plenty of praise when she does go.

If you are in the middle of potty training your child, here is a helpful info sheet.

I would love to hear from you: At what age was your child potty trained? Any advice?


Potty Training Adventures

My daughter is less than two weeks away from her first birthday. I realize that is quite young to begin potty training, but I wanted to at least expose her to the idea of sitting on a toilet so I asked my husband to pick up a potty chair on a recent trip to Target. He selected this beauty.


(Image from

Yes, that’s the Fisher Price Pink Princess Stepstool Potty.


It warms my heart to observe my husband concentrating intently on putting our daughter’s things together. Especially when it’s a pink potty chair.


It seems like they got a little overzealous on the weight limit of the stepstool, but at least I know my 18-pound daughter will be able to use this safely.


In case the pink plastic crown on the chair wasn’t enough to entice a young lady to go potty like a big girl, the celebratory royal tunes offer added incentive. Since we happened to have the potty chair up and running right at bath time, I sat my girl on it to see what she thought. And guess what? She went potty right away. And the chair followed through on its promise of emitting a nice royal tune. I almost expected Kate Middleton to walk into my bathroom.

Not Sure

As you can see, she is still skeptical. Also, in case you’re wondering, yes, this will be submitted for her graduation slideshow, if they’re still doing slideshows in 2032. We will continue to chronicle the adventure that is potty training. For now, please feel free to submit any potty training tips to