In My House


Welcome to A House with Character. The name came about because my husband often teases me about my love for older houses with what I call “character.” If we drive by a Victorian with a unique color scheme, he sarcastically, yet lovingly, says: “Ah, look at that character.”

Interesting original stained glass windows? Oooooh, yes!

A wrap-around porch with a swing and hanging baskets of geraniums? Don’t even get me started. Yes.

I live in a cottage-style home built in the mid 1940s. Although it is a work in progress like so many things in my life are, I love the original elements like the brick fireplace, hardwood floors, and blue metal bath tub, which will probably get its own blog post in the very near future.

This blog’s name refers to both aesthetic character and the individual character of the family, friends, and pets I am so blessed to have in my home.