In My House

In My House: Repurposing a High Chair

When I say I “repurposed” something, 90 percent of the time that just means I sanded and spray-painted something. This 1980s high chair was given to us by a nice lady in town.


Our daughter already has a high chair that works well for her, but I wasn’t about to turn down a free piece of furniture.


I removed the straps because I intend to use this as an actual chair (without the tray) for my daughter. Until she is old enough to do that, we will use it as a stand in her room to hold books, extra blankets, or toys. I had trouble deciding what color to do. White seemed too obvious and boring. I surprised myself by actually considering pink. Yellow was also a front-runner.


I stopped by the hardware store on my lunch break and made a quick decision when I saw this really fun light green called, simply, Apple Green. The brand is Premium Decor and I bought two cans at $3.75 each. The green will match in my daughter’s room but will also look decent in our deep red and dark brown dining room if we use it in there.


I removed the plastic pieces on the arms since we won’t be utilizing the tray so I could reveal the wood. I kept all the pieces I removed in case we do ever want to use this as an actual, tray-and-all, high chair.


I did a quick sanding of the entire chair with 180-grit sandpaper. Then it was time for the magic!


I did one coat, waited two hours, and did another coat. Then I put the chair in the garage to dry overnight.


I was pleased with the end result. For now, it will live in my daughter’s room and serve as a place to stash toys or the next day’s outfit.


(I’m a big believer in laying out clothes the night before. That’s one of those gems of wisdom I will pass down to my girl.)


When she is old enough to sit in it safely, we can put this in our dining room for a nice transition piece between the baby high chair and regular dining room chairs. Have a great weekend everyone!


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