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My Top 10 List: Metallica Songs

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10: Orion: Cool and instrumental.

9: Hit the Lights: Heavy, grainy. This is what people want when they ask for the “old stuff.”

8: Sanitarium: Perfect mix of a soothing, yet creepy intro, and James’ lovely voice.

7: For Whom the Bell Tolls: I genuinely like this song but also like that it has a literary connection.

6: Harvester of Sorrow: This is one that could pump you up for something big- like a big sporting event or childbirth (see number 1.)

5: Blackened: Maybe just because of the killer pyrotechnics when I saw this live.

4: Disposable Heroes: Not a well-known song and almost 8-minutes long but powerful in the same way as One is.

3: Fade to Black: Also stellar live.

2: One: One of their most popular songs and for good reason. Powerful social commentary.

1: Seek and Destroy: Most Metallica lists (and I have read many, many Metallica lists) put One in the number one spot. I had to veer away from that and I picked Seek because I love it. I listened to it right before I went to the hospital to be induced for childbirth. It just psyches you up!


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