Author Obsession: Roxane Gay

I haven’t been this excited about discovering a new author since I discovered Judy Blume circa 1990. And someone who writes intelligent and witty non-fiction as well as gripping, action-filled fiction? Yes, please!


I started by reading Bad Feminist. It is extremely well-written and makes me want to sit down and drink wine with this woman and just talk, talk, and talk. My only complaint about the book is Gay gets a little bogged down in critiquing other’s approaches to feminism. That’s not what we’re here to do.


I recently finished An Untamed State, a fantastic fiction thriller. Gay draws on her Haitian decent for the book, making it believable and giving readers a look at Haiti from a unique point-of-view, that of an upper-class native Haitian visiting the country with her Nebraskan husband.

Read these two.

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