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In My House: Kate Spade 2017 Planner

This past weekend I noticed school supply displays going up in stores. Seriously? It’s early July! But I’d be lying if I said I don’t get a little nostalgic and want to shop for fresh notebooks and colorful pens. And a new planner!

It’s no secret I love day planners. I am hopelessly addicted to mine. I love the feel of pen on paper and experience sheer joy when I cross something off my task list.

When Kate Spade recently came out with the line of 2017 planners, I jumped to order mine. I opted for the medium black stripe planner. Because it’s a 17-month planner I get to start using it already in August. Consider me one excited organizational freak.

The planners come in three sizes: Mega, large, and medium. I opted for medium and it offers plenty of writing space while still fitting in my purse. It features inspirational sheets at the beginning of each month. Decorate my desk in tinsel in December? Don’t mind if I do.Kate Spade

(Image from

How cute are the floral and owl designs? I opted for black and white strip because it’s just so classic, but it wasn’t an easy choice.


(Image from

It’s embarrassing how excited organizational tools make me. Especially pretty ones. Happy planning, everyone!




2 thoughts on “In My House: Kate Spade 2017 Planner”

  1. This post is perfect!! I reviewed my Peony medium KS agenda here: I think that while I didn’t care that there weren’t quotes in the 2016 agendas, I do appreciate the front page of each month- they are just FUN! I do always consider getting the stripes again (I had the stripes for 2015), but the peonies grabbed me this time around. I’m so sad that the owl wasn’t available for me 😦 Cheers! 🙂


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